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Verification of Employment

Elevate trust with our seamless Employment Verification services, ensuring confidence in decision-making through verified professional histories.

Elevating trust through employment Verification

Enhance efficiency, save time, and reduce costs in income and employment verification using CIC Credit’s Cascade VOE. This distinctive solution employs an intelligent system to control the flow of vendor ordering, ensuring consistency and enabling quicker processing without compromising loan quality.

Build Confidence through reliable authentication

Ensure the reliability and accuracy of professional histories through a robust Verification of Employment process, instilling confidence in decision-making.

Cascade VOE offers several benefits for income and employment verifications:

Efficiency Enhancement

Experience significant time savings and operational efficiency as Cascade VOE streamlines and refines the entire verification workflow.

Cost Reduction

Reduce expenses associated with income and employment verification, contributing to overall cost savings.

Consistency Assurance

Employ an intelligent system to ensure consistent and accurate vendor ordering, enhancing the reliability of verification results.

Quicker Processing

Expedite the verification process without compromising the quality of loan assessments.

Intelligent Automation

Benefit from an intelligent framework that automates and controls the flow of vendor ordering, improving overall operational efficiency.

Reliable Results

Cascade VOE aims to deliver reliable and trustworthy verification outcomes for confident decision-making.

Verification is acquired through direct communication with the applicant’s former supervisors or Human Resources departments. It encompasses details such as the employer’s name, address, tenure dates, final salary, job title(s), performance evaluation, departure reasons, rehire eligibility, and other relevant job-related information. Tailored queries are offered to each client for a personalized verification experience. Findings are reported in 24 – 72 hours. Employer verification fees are passed on as charged.