Convert Customers to borrowers with ease


Swift Prequalification, no Disclosures Required!

SoftPreQual is an intuitive web page that lenders embed on their websites to transform consumers into borrowers. When consumers engage with it, it orders a single-bureau Experian™ credit report through a soft inquiry, preserving their credit scores. The returned credit report cannot serve as a credit application; lenders will need to request a full, hard-inquiry report for actual loan applications. The tool also obviates the need for mandatory disclosures related to credit offers.

SoftPreQual's Key Advantages:

Instant Lead Notifications

Upon consumer use, loan officers receive instant text notifications containing the borrower’s name, address, email, and phone number, optimizing response time and customer service. 


Private Branded Web Links

Unique web links for each user enable loan officers to showcase products and services directly to borrowers. These links can also be shared on local business websites to enhance sales efforts

Management Console

Access a comprehensive management console to configure criteria, create custom borrower-facing pages, set automated decisions, and tailor messaging.