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The RAPID Rescore service enables CIC to update the consumer credit information with the three national repositories of consumer credit information, usually within 3 to 5 days. CIC will forward documents, supplied by the consumer, directly to the three major bureaus for an investigation and updating of items reporting incorrectly on the consumer’s credit file. CIC cannot add new lines of credit to the credit file. When ordering a Rapid Rescore take advantage of the Credit Xpert Tools to give you the potential score increase. Make your actions count with CIC Credit Xpert Tools.


What type of information can be investigated and updated by CIC?

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CIC requires a verifiable document from the creditor and can be used for the below:

  • Remove derogatory information and accounts that were reported in error.
  • Update an account that has been paid in full and closed.
  • Update the status of a collection.
  • Update a balance or paid-in-full status.
  • Update an account to show it included in a bankruptcy.

Acceptable Documentation required:

For the bureau to accept CIC requests, all documents MUST be typed on letterhead, from the creditor reporting the account, Collection agency receipts with account number and current balance/status, and letter of discharge and all schedules for bankruptcies. It should state specifically how the information should be changed and include the date, complete account number, name and phone number of the creditor contact.

Types of documentation the credit repositories WILL NOT accept are:

  • Letters without a telephone number or date
  • Divorce decrees
  • Documentation without matching account numbers
  • Documents over 30 days old (other than court documents)
  • Canceled Checks or Bank Statements
  • Payment histories
  • Western Union or other wire transfer receipts
  • Money orders or copies of Cashiers Checks
  • Hand written letters from ANY source, buyer or granter
  • HUD sheets/settlement sheets
  • Also, documents from original grantor’s for debts listed by collection agencies are frequently rejected by the bureaus.

How to order a Rapid Rescore?

To order a Rapid Rescore login to CIC Credit system, find the credit report, and click on request Rapid Rescore fill out the request and submit, that’s it! for a order walkthru please download the instructions below

Instructions click here -> rapid rescore request doc_2013.pdf (551.29 kb)

If you require assistance with placing your request, please email the Rapid Rescore experts.

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