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Rapid Rescore

We make sure your actions Count!

CIC’s Rapid Rescore service accelerates the update of consumer credit information with the three national repositories, typically in 3 to 5 days. Consumers directly submit documents to the major bureaus to rectify inaccuracies in their credit files. It’s important to understand that Rapid Rescore doesn’t facilitate the addition of new credit lines. Maximize the benefits by incorporating Credit Xpert Tools for potential score enhancement when placing your order. 

With Rapid Rescore, We Can help you Update:

Acceptable Documentation

Acceptable documentation includes creditor-issued documents typed on letterhead, collection agency receipts with account numbers and current balances/status, and bankruptcy discharge letters with all schedules. The documentation should specify the desired changes, include the date, complete account number, and creditor contact information.


Unacceptable Documentation

The credit repositories do not accept documents such as letters without telephone numbers or dates, divorce decrees, documents without matching account numbers, documents over 30 days old (except court documents), canceled checks or bank statements, payment histories, wire transfer receipts, money orders, hand-written letters, HUD/settlement sheets, and documents from original grantors for debts listed by collection agencies. 

How can I initiate a rapid rescore process?

Simply log in to the CIC Credit system, locate the credit report, and click on “Request Rapid Rescore.” Fill out the request form and submit – it’s as simple as that!