Stop Undisclosed Loan Blockers! Today With Notifications

Repurchases can be very detrimental to your business and with CIC Undisclosed Debt Monitoring & Notification Services™ you can have peace of mind that a repurchase demand will be adverted. Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative guidelines “Recommends that lenders have processes in place to facilitate borrower disclosure of changes in financial circumstances throughout the origination process.”

CIC Credit technology partner Meridianlink­® has created an innovative three bureau monitoring & notification process. Now you can access all three major credit repositories and monitor debt during the loan process. CIC also offers batch processing for quicker usage of the products.

According to Equifax®, “most new trades appear within 28 days of closing”

 Undisclosed Debt Services™ include:

  • Monitor for new tradelines, inquiries, 2nd reissues
  • Monitor late payments
  • Monitor for B,L,J’s
  • Monitor recent credit usage
  • retro credit report look back

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