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Credit Products

Single, Dual & Tri-Merge Reports

CIC Mortgage Credit delivers swift, dependable credit reporting for credit grantors, insurance underwriters, lenders, and mortgage brokers. Our cutting-edge tool, MCL, extracts and stores data directly from credit repositories, enabling CIC Credit to seamlessly access, merge, automate, and digitally deliver pertinent credit information directly to you. 

Report Benefits

Tri-Merge Credit Report

Gain a holistic understanding of your applicant’s creditworthiness through our Tri-Merge Credit Report. This adaptable report enhances your ability to approve more loans efficiently, reducing both time and risk.


Pre-Qualification Report

A groundbreaking prequalification tool designed to streamline the lending process. By utilizing soft inquiry credit reports, it accelerates borrower qualification without the need for disclosures. This user-friendly software application can be seamlessly integrated into your website.

Business Credit Report

CIC’s Business Credit Reports, in collaboration with Experian and Equifax, offer comprehensive insights for effective portfolio management and targeted offers based on detailed customer data.