Vigilance. Detection. Prevention.



Your every transaction

CIC Credit’s Fraud Services stand as an impenetrable fortress against the ever-evolving landscape of financial deception. With cutting-edge technology and vigilant monitoring, our comprehensive suite of solutions is meticulously crafted to safeguard your financial landscape. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to unmasking and mitigating fraudulent activities, ensuring that your transactions remain secure and your assets protected. CIC Credit’s Fraud Services is not just a shield; it’s a proactive guardian, standing at the forefront to empower you with confidence and peace of mind in an increasingly complex financial world. decisions for improved financial well-being.

Instant ID

Identification solution designed for swift and secure verification processes


Authenticates and validates the accuracy of information provided in various applications

Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

Proactively identify hidden or undisclosed debts within your financial portfolios

Flex ID

Verify and manage user identities by utilizing our advanced identification and authentication system

ID Watch

Create operational efficiencies for lenders through focused reporting and technology