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At CIC Credit, our dynamic team is a harmonious blend of industry veterans and innovative minds, united by a shared commitment to excellence in the credit information field. From seasoned professionals with decades of experience to fresh perspectives that challenge the status quo, our diverse team collaborates seamlessly to deliver cutting-edge solutions. With a passion for accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of industry trends. Our team’s collective expertise forms the backbone of CIC Credit, ensuring that we consistently provide unparalleled credit information services that empower our clients and contribute to their financial success.

Get acquainted with a few of our Top-Level Executives

Mike Thomas


As the President of CIC Credit, Mike Thomas leads the organization with a wealth of experience and expertise in the credit industry, implementing strategic initiatives to ensure the company’s continued success in providing comprehensive credit information solutions.


Vicky Stringer

senior account executive

In the role of Senior Account Executive at CIC Credit, Vicky Stringer excels as a results-driven professional, strategically navigating the credit landscape to forge strong client connections, optimize revenue streams, and deliver customized financial solutions that enhance the overall success of both clients and the organization.


Theresa McCoy

Senior Account executive

As the Senior Account Executive at CIC Credit, Theresa McCoy leverages extensive industry knowledge and exceptional relationship-building skills to drive business growth, cultivating key client partnerships and delivering tailored credit solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.


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