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Credit Products

Tailored Credit Products

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Our array of credit products is designed to be your financial ally, offering a diverse range of tailored solutions to meet various needs. Whether you’re seeking flexible credit lines, competitive interest rates, or personalized credit solutions, our products are crafted with your financial well-being in mind.

From credit cards that cater to your spending preferences to loans designed to fuel your aspirations, CIC Credit Credit Products empower you with financial flexibility, convenience, and the means to achieve your goals. With a commitment to transparency and excellence, our credit offerings are designed to elevate your financial profile and provide you with the tools to navigate your financial journey with confidence.

Credit Reports

Leveraging cutting-edge credit analysis tools for a comprehensive view of your financial profile, customizing your path to financial success

Rapid Rescore

Harnessing advanced credit analysis tools for swift and precise credit score enhancements, tailored to your financial health and goals

Loanshield Smart Select

Simplify the prequalification process, and identify credit problems before cascading to a tri-merge report automatically

Soft Prequal

Seamlessly explore your credit options with a non-invasive assessment, providing valuable insights without impacting your credit score


Gain access to insights, strategically optimize your credit profiles, and confidently navigate the path towards enhanced creditworthiness

LexisNexis BLJ

Offering an advantage in credit reporting, combining the precision of LexisNexis data with cutting-edge analysis to deliver complete insights

Monitoring Alerts

Elevate the quality of your decision-making processes by supplementing your customer or prospect profiles with relevant credit variables

Are you searching for reliable and comprehensive commercial services to enhance your business credit and decision making processes?

Take control of your business's financial well-being with CIC Business Credit Services. Our customized credit solutions provide crucial insights into the creditworthiness of your clients and partners. From detailed reports to risk assessments, we empower you to make informed decisions, reduce financial risks, and strengthen business relationships. Partner with us today to elevate your business through smart credit management.