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Let CIC help guide you through the Loan Journey with Talk'uments - Your digital tutorial for clarity on costs, processes, and disclosures.

Explore Talk'uments Features and Benefits for seamless loan guidance and transparency

Integrating into Ellie Mae’s Encompass Loan Origination System (LOS), fostering efficiency and accuracy throughout the loan application process by providing real-time data synchronization

By harnessing advanced technology, Talk’uments adapts to the evolving demographics of the United States, ensuring inclusivity and relevance in its approach to serving a diverse and dynamic population

As the exclusive solution tailored for limited English proficiency, Talk’uments fills a crucial gap by providing a specialized and accessible platform, catering to individuals with diverse language needs in the financial landscape

Exploring the cutting-edge technology driving Talk'uments' transformative capabilities

Talk’uments boasts a user-friendly installation process seamlessly integrated into a lender’s Loan Origination System (LOS), ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup for enhanced operational efficiency.

Our proprietary plugin captures a loan applicant’s specific loan data and pushes updates to Talk’uments when data changes in the lender’s LOS.

Training is minimal, and lenders don’t need to enact any procedural or process changes to use our system.

We are truly Plug & Play!!

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