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What is Talk’uments? Watch our brief promotional video below.

Talk’uments is a multilingual digital home loan guide that takes a loan applicant step by step through their specific loan, costs, processes, and disclosures. We explain loan information in a manner that loan applicants prefer and understand in both English and Spanish to provide a better consumer experience.


Everything is Automated!


  • Integrated into Ellie Mae’s Encompass Loan Origination System (LOS)
  • Utilizes technology that addresses changing USA demographics
  • Only available solution for limited English
  • A useful tool for loan officers to complete a consumers digital loan experience



Talk’uments is easy to install on a lender’s LOS. Our proprietary plugin captures a loan applicant’s specific loan data and pushes updates to Talk’uments when data changes in the lender’s LOS. Training is minimal, and lenders don’t need to enact any procedural or process changes to use our system.

We are truly PLUG and PLAY!



CIC Credit understands that using multilingual technology to provide a growing diversity of consumers with transactional loan transparency absolutely enhances a lender’s productivity. Talk’uments reduces regulatory concerns and represents a competitive differentiator for lenders, leading to more loan volume, especially as more and more lending activity migrates online. Integrating Talk’uments into your compliance management system will help to avoid costs associated with lawsuits, audits, excess regulations, and enforcement.

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