Personalized plans for a faster path to dreams


Elevate scores, Accelerate dreams

CreditXpert Wayfinder is a credit score analysis tool that utilizes a rapid intelligent algorithm that evaluates multiple options to help generate a personalized plan for your clients – taking into consideration score, effort, timing, and other factors.

CIC CreditXpert Wayfinder tool can help customers improve their credit score while simultaneously connecting people with their dreams faster and more often.

by creating a better experience for your client you will:


Unlock More Opportunities: Close loans efficiently by empowering customers to achieve their best credit scores with CreditXpert® Wayfinder. Our intelligent algorithm swiftly evaluates diverse options, crafting a personalized plan that factors in score, effort, timing, and more. Be the catalyst for your customers’ dreams without becoming a credit expert – let Wayfinder™ do the work for you.


Empower Your Decision-Making: CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™ puts control in your hands. Forecast credit score changes with precision, simulating the impact of complex adjustments or pending activities. Safely test alterations, be proactive, and find optimal solutions for your clients. Choose your destiny with the flexibility of rapid rescore mode, mirroring actions available in rapid rescoring services.