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We have received recent updates on the IRS procedures for approving 4506-T request. We wanted to take this time to update you on some recent changes, so that we can better assist you in processing your request. The IRS will require that all request have three requirements that must match their records: Names, Social Security Numbers, and Address. Previously the IRS had only required the match of name and Social Security Number, but now under new guidelines the IRS will be looking more stringently on the address to verify that it matches their records. A few tips to help you fill out all request accurately:

  • Process all request in typed format to remove legibility errors
  • Match social security numbers up with taxpayer’s social security cards
  • List the taxpayer’s current address on Line 3
  • If current address is different than what is listed on the taxpayer’s return list the address from the return on Line 4

Due to tougher guidelines the IRS is facing for approval you may experience a higher rate of rejections. If this occurs we suggest that you verify information on request before submitting to ensure the best results.

The IRS is now running over their 48 hour turn time currently but soon will get back to 24 to 48 turn times.

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