4506-C Processing

Tax Return Verifications WebsiteOnline income verification process that provides an efficient and cost-effective means to verify an individual’s income from the IRS with Form 4506-C.
Over 60% of all mortgage fraud includes income or identity misrepresentations.

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  • Electronic signatures accepted
  • DocuSign integrated for borrower electronic signatures for 4506-C
  • Produces tax transcripts in as little as 24 to 48 hours
  • Reduce risk exposure by verifying the accuracy of income data provided by the borrower
  • Eliminates careless mistakes that result in IRS rejections and applicants with less than accurate financial information
  • Allows lenders to expedite the underwriting process
  • Decreases loan processing time and increases efficiency
  • Detects potential fraud and reduces the risk of repurchase demands
  • Generates email confirmations when faxed documents are received, and results are posted

Order Choices

Choose a report that fits your needs:

  • 1040 – For personal tax transcripts
  • 1065, 1120, 1120S – For corporate and business tax transcripts
  • W-2 Information – Employer reported financial data
  • 1099 – Payments made to an individual or company for services provided
  • K-1 Information – Partnership reported financial data
  • Stated Doc – Requires a 4506-C, but only reveals confirmation of filing for specified years, and existence of Schedule C and/or E
  • Stated Income – Requires a 4506-C, but only reveals confirmation of filing for specified years, existence of Schedule C and/or E with a minimal income level stating the borrower reported income greater than or equal to XXXXX

Please print and fax the completed tax return order form with signed 4506-C form

Please visit our site at TaxReturnVerifications.com

TRV Package CIC CreditAs a reminder, the IRS began tightening their processing guidelines of 4506-C forms on May 4th to ensure that the signor (borrower/taxpayer) has consented to what is being ordered. The tightening of these guidelines should decrease the turn-around time of your orders, but could result in more 4506-Cs being rejected due to incomplete or illegible information.

Thoroughly completing your 4506-C forms sets you up for success. Please make every effort to complete the entire 4506-C form including:

  • borrower’s name (line 1a/2a)
  • SSN (line 1b/2b
  • address (line 3)
  • previous address (line 4) if applicable
  • the form requested and the corresponding box marked (line 6/8)
  • years requested (line 9)
  • borrower’s signature and date (within 60 days)

The IRS will reject any incomplete, altered, and/or illegible forms.  We will continue to assist you regarding these changes. If you have any questions, please call 800-352-5882 or email sales@taxreturnverifications.com

Call our sales department at 800-352-5882 or email us at sales@ciccredit.com

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