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CIC Credit SmartAPI represents the future of credit verification integration. Imagine being able to access an ever-growing list of verification services and providers with one simple portal. One XML call referencing the products needed will result in a bundled delivery of verification services necessary for customer prequalification or approval. Why waste precious time and development resources by having to develop to multiple vendors with many APIs? With SmartAPI, a single API can give your platform the boost it needs for quickly adding multiple vendors and services quickly and painlessly.

What We Have to Offer

With SmartAPI, there is an incredible amount of Service options to suit your needs.

We offer:

  • Credit Verification – Credit analysis tools, business credit reports, consumer credit reports, and undisclosed debt notifications from the national credit reporting agencies
  • Property Verification – flood certifications and automated valuation models
  • Employment Verification – instant and manual verifications of employment
  • Income Verification – tax return transcript verification directly from the IRS
  • Asset and Deposit Verification – electronic verification of assets and manual verification of deposit
  • Identity Verification, Validation, and Authentication – red flags identity reports, SSA-89 SSN validation, and knowledge-based/Out-of-Wallet authentication
  • Watchlist Verification –  SAM, National Appraiser Registry, customer uploaded lists, and others to assist with compliance in BSA, USA Patriot Act, and Fannie Mae LQI
  • Packaged Reports – customizable fraud detection reports for data verification, validation, and discovery on borrowers, properties, and participants

Receipt of this data may be dependent upon your organization having a contract with the data provider. Please contact CIC Credit for further details on how to contract with these vendors.

Only Buy What You Need

Don’t pay more than you have to. SmartAPI utilizes sophisticated SmartSelect technology and delivers products based on intelligent analysis of API search results. This cascade reduces cost per consumer by eliminating additional product orders for non-qualified prospects.

With SmartSelect, you can set specific required parameters for a product to complete fulfillment. For example, if your company only wishes to order a complete trimerge credit report on borrowers whose initial credit score from the first selected bureau exceeds 620, then the credit report fulfillment will cease if the borrower has a 619 credit score. This results in savings on credit reports for potentially non-qualified borrowers. Other attributes dictate cascade results, such as the presence of bankruptcy, collections, or a recent foreclosure.

Speedy, Safe, and Secure

CIC Credit works with many top-tier lenders, banks, credit unions, and financial organizations to return your orders online instantly. We adhere to the highest standards of security and controls, including those of the major credit repositories, such as PCI, SOC2T2.

One Integration is All You Need

A single integration with CIC Credit’s popular SmartAPI connects you to all of CIC Credit’s mortgage service providers and verification services. A single XML request is all it takes to place multiple orders for the services needed by originators throughout the loan process. CIC Credit has designed SmartAPI using MISMO 3.4 and the Uniform Loan Application Dataset (ULAD) to make it easy for LOS who are integrated with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to reuse existing technology and minimize the effort to integrate.

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