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Information on TWN update coming October 1st, 2022
Note about The Work Number changes effective October 1st, 2022
Beginning 10/1/2022, Equifax The Work Number (TWN) will no longer be supporting the options to choose between Current, Previous, or Both when enabled for TWN Employment History or Employment + Income History. Instead, TWN will always return up to 36 months of employment history, regardless if it is the borrower’s current and/or previous employment.
Below are the changes in Mortgage Credit Link planned to address this and how it will affect people.
  1. As an initial note, this only affects the TWN Employment History or Employment + Income History ordering ability. Other TWN products like Mortgage Ultimate, Mortgage Preferred, TWN Select, Verify, etc. will remain the same as they were prior.
  2. On the website interface for both MCL and Encompass VOE partner products, you will no longer see the below as product Selection.
Instead, if the Type of Verification is Employment, you will see Mortgage VOE. If the type is Employment Plus Income, you will see Mortgage VOI.
This change only applies to the user interface. On the Order Info Page and in MeridianLink’s API requests to TWN, the information will look exactly as it always has been when a client orders Both as the Record Filter. Please note that because Both will always be the Record Filter, the client may or may not be charged twice depending on if active or inactive records come back, and reports will still look the same. Once the order button is submitted, it will be exactly as if someone ordered both prior to the change.
For orders through SmartAPI, SmartAPI will continue to allow users to submit current, previous, or both. The request will be sent to TWN as it is ordered, but when the order gets to the TWN, they will ignore what was requested and run the order as Both current and previous. A client could there order Current, for example, but they may receive back only current records, only previous records, or a combination of both and be charged based on what was in TWN’s response.
To minimize the cost please consider adding Experian Verify. Experian Verify will return all employers for a single fee if they have the employee record.
Click here to download the Experian Verify Flyer
Also, another solution is the Finicity product that is accepted by Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty Program.
Please email your AE for more information or
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