Flood QuickCheck & CertMap


Get an instant Yes or No, at the start of the loan to see if flood insurance is required

  • Instant “check” to learn if the property is IN or OUT of a FEMA flood zone
  • Will flood insurance be needed? No surprises later in the loan process
  • Learn right from the beginning of the loan application to improve the borrower experience
  • Unlimited “hits” to learn the flood status


No other flood vendor brings to the table these quality services and products to assist the lender during the loan process. ServiceLink is always thinking out of the box to bring value, beyond a Flood Certificate, that allows our clients to be better informed and provide additional value to the borrower.

Flood insurance continues to increase in price. Recent storms will result in more claims and the NFIP will be financially challenged. Knowing at the start of the loan if flood insurance will be needed may change the dynamics of the loan and learning which structures are IN and OUT ensures that borrower does not over or under insure.

ServiceLink is working for our lender clients to be part of the loan solution.

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