Cost & Time Delays from False Fraud AlertsCIC Credit has several reports to mitigate the risk in the mortgage lending space. We help our clients keep up with fraud prevention by partnering with PitchPoint solutions to bring the ADV120 report one of the most comprehensive loan detection reports to market. The ADV120 has key benefits to reduce loan risk, identify loan blockers, ensure compliance with lenders, and mitigate the risk of loan buybacks.

CIC Also offers a fully customized ADV120 with Expert Services. Expert Services combines the latest in automated fraud detection with manual review by highly trained fraud researches to return objective fraud reports without the needless and costly false fraud alerts which waste critical underwriting and compliance time.

Eliminate Costs and Delays

Any automated fraud detection report can return some results which must be further investigated.

Expert Services unique 3 stage validation approach combines automated search capability and experienced researches that have instant access to regional and national data to further investigate false positives.

Our subject area experts quickly review discrepancies, missing or conflicting data to determine if it is a valid issue. If not they include additional information to justify a “cleared” status.

Expert Services eliminates false fraud alerts to lower your total cost of verification.