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Let’s start with, “What is API”? API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s a concept and an intangible item. An API is basically an automated communication system between your business and your customers. API is an acronym for:

Application: These can be apps that you use on your smart phone or software program that you use.

Programming: Developers use API’s to write software.

Interface: How you interact with the application.

API is a process of accessing and processing information.

“Smart” API takes it to a higher level. CIC Credit’s SmartAPI gives you bundled information. This means a turnkey operation with one click – you have one resource that will return multiple vendor options for your clients. It is a quick, turnkey operation. With CIC Credit’s SmartAPI, your platform gets the boost it needs. It gives your business instant vendor and service options with just one click.

This saves your business time and money. With CIC’s SmartAPI your customers’ will receive quick prequalification and approval to make purchases that will heighten the buyer’s experience.

To give you a better perspective of what CIC Credit’s Smart API can provide to your business, below are just a few product types they offer:

-Credit Verification

-Property Verification

-Employment Verification

-Income Verification

-Asset and Deposit Verification

-Identity Verification, Validation, and Authentication

-Watchlist Verification, and Authentication

-Packaged Reports

CIC Credit Smart API offers many products and turnkey services; however, you can select off their menu and only purchase what you need. The technology is based on intelligent analysis and eliminates additional product orders for non-qualified prospects.

Smart API protects your business. It a safe, proven, and secure method providing feedback to your business that is immediate. By receiving this information quickly, it gives you the opportunity to consult with your customer while they are interested and ready to make that decision.

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