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Everyone talks about how new generations want everything digitally; however, tech-based millenials are not the only ones.  There is no generation differentiator in how consumers want to be treated. Convenience and a quick, easy process is desirable for all consumers.

According to, car buyers spend 16.9 hours in total shopping- 70% of that time is spent online. With customer engagement that high online, why not keep the entire process there?

CIC Credit ( embraces the idea of digital auto lending. Consumers can apply to purchase or refinance a vehicle with CIC Credit’s Web Based Automotive Credit Solution. This digital online lending process is end-to-end with instant decisions. They have access to over 100 data sources and eliminates any gray areas.

CIC Credit’s Web Based Automotive Credit Solution quickly and automatically checks the information you need to get your consumer in the car they desire, without the hassle that comes with depending on a dinosaur mainframe solution. Some of these check points include:

-Credit Reports

-Verify Applicant

-Driver’s License Search

-Employment Verification


Next to housing, a car is the second most important purchase consumers make. Consumer engagement is starting to shift. Traditional services and products are being delivered digitally because it is convenient. Look at what has happened to taxis with Uber and bookstores with Kindle.

How does CIC Credit’s Web Based Automotive Credit Solution work? A link to CIC Credit can be placed on your dealership website. Once a consumer completes the web application, they receive an email from the dealership congratulating them on being pre-approved.  This streamlines the credit approval process with a quick and easy procedure which ultimately means getting your consumer in their car more quickly.

Are you prepared for the next generation of auto lending? We hope so because it’s coming – and CIC Credit can help.

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