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We are experiencing a delay in processing SSA-89 orders. Unfortunately, we believe that pending SSA-89 orders will not be processed before the SSA’s upcoming maintenance window that ends on Wednesday, October 2nd. All pending submissions will be processed as soon as service has resumed. There is no need to resubmit any delayed orders.
CIC Credit has other non-government social security number validation tools including the LexisNexis InstantID product. InstantID is designed to comply with CIP (customer identification program) regulations. 
To order an InstantID please login to CIC and click order IDV. If you do not see InstantID as a dropdown option please email your account executive or email to activate the product. 
*InstantID doesn’t receive a yes/no answer from the Social Security Administration on the validity of the social security number but rather uses over 45 billion public and proprietary records to validate the data on the report. 

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