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Credit Reports, Reinvented.

credit radar - CIC CreditCredit Radar™ is a new cover page to your mortgage credit report that at a glance makes it easier to use then ever before.

You’ll be able to instantly size-up your loan applicants and spot any critical issues–all without digging through the actual credit report.

Credit Radar™ combines revolutionary credit intelligence and industry best practices into a simple, elegant page that is delivered automatically with every credit report.

Mid-Score Forecast: For the first time ever, you get a forecast of the mid-score for each applicant in 30 days so you know if there may be any problems at closing or if more options will be available soon.

Mid-Score Risk: Lets you know if nominal increases in revolving balance will put the mid-score at risk of dropping.

Key Indicators: Tells you if there is something that requires your attention or not.

Fast & Automatic: Since it’s a cover page, it gets delivered with your credit reports every time–no additional logins or clicks.

Until September 1, 2010 you can experience the value of Credit Radar™ firsthand, at our expense.

During this introductory period, you’ll receive it with all your mortgage credit reports.

You can opt-out at any time–we’ll send you a reminder too. If you choose NOT to opt-out, you will continue to receive Credit Radar™ and charges will apply as of September 1, 2010.

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