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Tenant Screening

Helping Landlords and Property Managers make sound screening decisions.

CIC Credit has the quality data and fast reporting you need to access quickly the information you need to get the Right Renter for your property.

CIC Credit’s Online Easy to use online screening platform gives you access any day, anytime to order reports.

WHY Perform Background Checks?

It’s in the property owners best interest to know who they are renting to by validating the application and to investigate an applicant’s criminal and eviction status. Ensuring the right person for the right rental is one of the most important investments a landlord will make to protect other property and long-standing investments.

CIC Credit performs a background check for:

Ø  Large Property Management Groups

Ø  Development Companies that manage their own units

Ø  Reality Companies serving landlords

Ø  Corporate leasing

Ø  Business Screening

Why Choose CIC Credit

CIC Credit delivers, Fast, Accurate, Quality Reports designed to each client's requirements.     Our friendly staff’s extensive knowledge of the FCRA, Federal Laws, State Laws and Industry regulations allow us help you mitigate risks, meet your rental criteria and help you rent to the right tenants to build safe, friendly communities.

CIC Credit’s cutting edge technology will never get stale; our enhancements to clients are almost on a quarterly basis.

 CIC Credit’s Applicant Portal, it reduces data entry, gain efficiencies and gives greater protection against discrimination concerns.

Re-Check Tool makes ordering a Re-Check upon Lease Renewal uncomplicated.

Integrations CIC Credit’s software platform is easy to integrate into your proprietary system or Rental Software.

Background Screening Reports

CIC Credit’s Screening Services are designed to provide:

ü  Real-time Reporting direct from the source with Fast Turnaround Times.

ü  FCRA Reporting of 7 yr. Misdemeanor Convictions, ten yr. Felony convictions confirmed by two or more identifiers.

ü  Enhanced Criminal databases with more sources than most other companies.

ü  Keeping you informed with Status Detail Notes per service and per profile.

Screening Services

Criminal  Records

Statewide Real-time Criminal, County Criminal

Rapsheets National Criminal Database

Statewide Criminal Database

Federal and International Sanction list,

National Registered Sex Offenders

International Criminal


Civil Records

National Federal Civil

Statewide Civil Search

County Civil Search



Consumer Credit Reports with FICO Scores

Tax Verification Income

International Credit Reports

Business Credit Reports



People Search SSN Trace

International ID Verification







Online Small Landlord/Renter Solution

This is the individual Landlord solution that you’ve been waiting for!                                                 

 Sign up to access, credit reports with scores, criminal and evictions without signing an agreement!


Enter Property to set rental criteria to help stay compliant and let the software determine if the renter meets your standards. This will help to reduce the discrimination risk that so many individual landlords are unaware about until they get fined by a Federal Agency.